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Barstow STEM Academy (STEM) is a school of choice in Barstow Unified School District. The focus of STEM is on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM).

The mission of Barstow STEM Academy is to foster an environment that demands academic excellence and social responsibility. STEM provides a learning environment that promotes strong critical thinking and communication skills and prepares our students to be competent, capable citizens in a technology-dependent, increasingly interconnected global society.

STEM offers an educational option for students and families who would like to pursue their interests and aptitude in the areas of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. STEM provides students with an enriched project-based curriculum along with concentrated experiences and content in an environment that is conducive to individual exploration, innovation, and problem-solving. STEM content and principles are integrated throughout all curricular areas and require students to interact and collaborate with local college faculty, community partners, and STEM-related community organizations in an effort to give students real-world application and experiences.

In accordance with the new Common Core State Standards adoption by the State of California, STEM uses project-based learning and performance-based assessments to create relevant and engaging learning experiences for all students.

There are an expectation at STEM that students will use technology daily at school and at home as a tool to work collaboratively and communicate with teachers and classmates as well as access, research, create, and submit documents, projects, and products. With the emphasis on research and project-based learning, students are afforded an alternative avenue to demonstrate their mastery of STEM concepts.